Trusted with Business Critical Mail

Trust Doc creates and produces bills, statements and other transactional mail, supporting 50 million consumer relationships for some of the UK's most admired businesses.

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Trusted with Postage Services

Trust Post processes over 25 million mail packs per year through our consignment tracked service for handover to Royal Mail for final delivery.

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Trusted with Electronic Communications

Trust Web delivers 500,000 plus notifications for e-billing documents to more than 20,000 business end users each year, with over a 1 million documents being accessed online.

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It's All About Trust...

Do you send business critical mail such as bills, invoices, statements or payslips? Why not contact Opus Trust Marketing as we listen carefully to our customers so we fully understand their requirements - from document design to printing, enclosing and delivery - we have a consultative approach that achieves more - an approach which has seen us invest millions to make communications more effective and less costly - so you don't have to.

Latest Opus Trust News and Press Releases

  • Three cities, one great charity

    Opus Trust Marketing is pleased to announce our participation in the Three Cities Sunflower Cycle Tour from Harwich to Brussels via Amsterdam on the 1st...

  • Ofcom's review of Royal Mail

    Here are the key highlights from Ofcom's review of Royal Mail's performance and the viability of the universal postal service. Under the universal...

  • Opus Energy Case Study: Postal Saving Solution

    Background Opus Energy have been supplying energy to businesses since 2002, delivering outstanding levels of service to over 200,000 customers, while...

  • Loros Day at Opus Trust Marketing

    Cake o'clock at Opus Trust Marketing The cakes on display rivalled anything that has been seen this year on the British Bake Off, unfortunately no...

  • The effect of mail on the brain
    August 2014

    Neuro-Insight on behalf of Royal Mail wanted to understand how mail compares to other media. Neuroscience was used to measure the emotional engagement...

  • Royal Mail Mailmark Roundtable
    August 2014

    Opus Trust Marketing held a roundtable discussion with key decision makers from blue chip companies such as Severn Trent Water, npower, Northumbrian...

  • How can I save on postage costs?
    July 2014

    Trust Post's fully managed service has already achieved annual postal savings of over £400,000 for our customers. We were the first organisation...

  • Top 10 Mailmark Benefits
    June 2014

    Why should my company use Mailmark™? Listed below are the top 10 benefits of Mailmark and a few practical examples of where it could be used to...

  • Mailmark Seminar Review
    June 2014

    Photos and feedback from our latest Trust Post Mailmark™ seminar.         Related posts: Trust Post Mailmark seminar videos ...

  • Your Invitation to the Trust Post Mailmark Seminar
    May 2014

     Your Invitation to the Trust Post Mailmark™ Seminar | 20.05.14 | Programme highlights include an introduction to and the future of Mailmark™...

  • The Latest on Mailmark
    April 2014

    Mailmark™ Update With the successful roll out of Royal Mail Mailmark™ (formerly Enterprise Intelligent Barcode™), some of...

  • Opus Trust Despatches First Ever Mailmark Downstream Access Mailing
    March 2014

    Opus Trust Despatches First Ever Mailmark™ Downstream Access Mailing Today on the 3rd of March 2014 one of our existing customers were the very...

  • Our Mailmark Journey
    February 2014

    Our Mailmark™ Journey Royal Mail's latest Mailmark™ conference has been attended by our very own Managing Director Paul Brough. Paul...

  • Royal Mail Mailmark Update
    January 2014

    Royal Mail Mailmark™ Update We are set to be the first company to go live and launch Mailmark™ on 12th February when the first mailing will...

  • E-invoicing and E-billing overview 2014
    January 2015

    The growth of e-billing and e-invoicing solutions has gained traction over the past few years with many European countries mandating that bills...

  • Channel Switch
    November 2014

    Channel Switch - Trust Web Forum 03/12/14 11:00 - 14:00 An afternoon of creative thinking, collaboration and exploration. The purpose of the event is...

  • New trust Web Blog to Appear Soon
    October 2014

    Trust Web enables our customers' customers to self-serve and customer service teams to quickly lay their hands on important information. Users of...

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